Domestic Violence Proceeding

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Allegations of domestic violence can result in the filing of both criminal and/or civil charges. Most often these cases involve some claim of assault or physical abuse by a spouse against the other, or involving a boyfriend and girlfriend or roommates.

In the case of criminal charges, the penalties can involve incarceration, probation, fines, and the limiting of contact between the parties involved, among other things. An attorney can help protect your rights in such a proceeding and obtain a result that is appropriate for the allegations involved. If there are defenses to be raised an attorney is best equipped to bring those to the attention of the Court. Ryan & Drewniak will vigorously defend you in such a case and insure that your rights are protected.

In the case of civil proceedings, it is important to know that if allegations of domestic violence are raised, the offending party, after a hearing, can be ordered out of the home for an extended period, can be required to provide financial support for a spouse or children, and can be ordered to sustain other physical and financial obligations. It is extremely important that the services of an attorney be retained in this type of matter as well.

Ryan & Drewniak P.A. has years of experience in these areas and can provide you with thorough and vigorous representation throughout this process. We will answer your questions, discuss the various options with you, and assist you in making a decision on how best to proceed with your case.