Medical Malpractice/Negligence

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Ryan, Drewniak, & Upshaw, P.A. is available to represent you and your family members in a wide variety of medical malpractice cases, including cases against hospitals, HMO's, physicians, and other health care providers. We are poised to represent you and your family regardless of your age, as our practice spans injuries to children and elderly individuals injured due to nursing home negligence. In particular, we are available to be retained in the following areas of medical malpractice:

  • Birth Injuries:
    • Brachial plexus injury
    • Cerebral Palsy
    • Forceps marks
    • Caput succedaneum
    • Cephalohematoma
    • Subconjunctival hemorrhage
  • Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis/Treatment:
    • Spinal Cord Injury
    • Nursing Home Negligence
    • Lack of Informed Consent

While we have a great deal of respect for the medical profession, we recognize that medical providers owe a duty to their patients to act with a recognized standard of care. Unfortunately, even a medical professional occasionally departs from this standard of care and causes injury to his or her patient.

If you believe that you or your loved one has been hurt as a result of the negligence of a medical provider, please contact us for a free initial consultation.